Week 16 Part 1

We are now reaching an end to this class but there is so much that I have learned that I will continue using. I think the topics that I found the most interesting included creating the newsletters and also creating lists. I really liked learning almost how to network or to strategize who you are following to your advantage. We made lists on twitter and another social media of different categories that involve our business somehow. I was able to stretch my brand further by coming up with ideas to get my community involved in my business. I was able to have more of a reach on my own community by following and posting things from my city's social media events pages. This even helped me out in the end as a way to demonstrate how to use products.
           The other part I enjoyed learning about was making the newsletter. I think that is something that I found to be super convincing for me as a consumer. There is always a discount notice that has led me to the website. A bi…

Week 15 Part 2

Professor Faulk's Data Analysis 
         For the month of November there are two days that stick out in the first couple charts. The 7th and the 11th of November are both days that seem to have no unfollows but around the 28th there seems to be the biggest rise in followers. I'm assuming this has to do with a post on one or all of those days that really got people's attention. Then on the 3rd there were a lot of shares. This must have been because of an event or a discount that led to this rise. There are many people reacting to the posts overall. Men from San Diego seems like the main population and demographic. The data is showing specific days which is extremely helpful because then you can see what you did that got people's attention and then repeat it.

Week 15 Part 1

There are so many features on Google Analytics and so many different parts of your website that it keeps track of. I think a couple that would be very important for me to check consistently include the home page that just shows how much traffic your wesbite is getting. It shows which days and how many people have been looking. Another one is the demographics. It shows the age range and also more specfic information on what kind of people are interested in what I'm putting out. The last one I would check constantly is the behavior flow. This shows who are the people that are really interacting with the site. Google Analytics is a great tool!

Week 14

These are the ads that I created for the week.
          In all these posts it shows a different way of wearing the clothing. The most common issue with buying new clothes is how to wear it or where to wear it or what to wear it with. All these posts represent a different location and a different way to wear the clothes for both guys and girls. This is great because it is shown practically and gives an example. These are the posts that lead to the website and reach out to a much bigger population. If they like it at first glance then they will be led to the website where they can buy it.
     Also on Instagram if gives me the option of creating my own target audience. My target audience involves people ranging from the age 13-25. It involves people in California that enjoy bonfires, sunglasses, fitness, sweaters, beaches, clothing and relaxing. These are the people I am trying to reach out to with these posts.

Week 13 Part 2

Ads             There are many different ways to advertise. Advertising can be through different social media's or just different websites. There are banner ads which are banners that appear at the top of websites or there are post ads on social media.  By post ads I mean they look like a regular post in your feed but it is an advertisement. It isn't someone you follow or anything like that. This type of advertising is great for my business(clothing brand).             Being able to post a picture for my business and it just automatically is added into a bunch of people's feeds can be super helpful. People want a visual of what the clothes would look like so being able to have a picture is super important. Also there is a way to boost the page. You can decide how much people you want to see it and what kind of population depending on how much you want to spend. The best part is it is not too expensive. Ads are good once a week. Any less would allow people to possibly forg…

Week 13 Part 1

Businesses and their Social Advertising

          The first business I looked into was Soul Garments. Soul is still just starting up but it seems like the advertising is working. The instagram is very aesthetic and draws people in. There are around 300 followers and over 250 people are liking these posts so the majority of people are paying attention. The only problem is I don't see a link for a website anywhere. So even if it is doing well there is nowhere to go.

          Human Addict was another business I looked at. They are not doing so well on likes. There are 466 followers but the posts are only getting around 30 likes. The pictures do not look too professional so that must be what it is. The only problem is though I think they are not trying to look professional but more relatable. There is also a link to a blog which I think is helpful on the other hand.

          Then I looked at Antisocial Clothing Brand. The brand has a great following of 13K but the only problem is th…