Week 5 Part 2

Shade SMLS Target Market

            Shade's Target Market will be for the younger population. This younger population includes teens to late 20's. This age range includes highschooler's to young professionals. The reason for that is because the brand includes hoodies. These days everyone wear's a lot of hoodies but the group of people that wear it the most include the skater boys in their teen years. Also during teen years there are many bonfires that take place. Everyone loves wearing a big hoodie to a bonfire. That applies to all the teens but the reason it goes all the way to late 20's is because throughout people's 20's they not only continue with this hoodie phase but also start putting more effort into their bodies. The brand also includes fitness clothing with a hip look to it because of the logo. In addition to all these factors, the target demographic is definitely people from anywhere close to a beach. The clothing is very geared towards the beac…

Week 5 Part 1

Subway and Hungry Bear Deli's Target Market

              Subway has a website that is meant for a younger demographic. It is not geared to male or female but for everybody. What I mean by younger population is males and females from the age 18 to early 30's. The reason I'd say this age range is because this is the group who is becoming more interested in doing things that are healthy for themselves and helpful for saving the planet. There was a tab on Subways website that was titled "Responsiblity." This then led to options to read about how subway is helping preserve the planet and helping promote well-being. In addition, this age range includes college students who are typically eating on a low budget. There is another tab that is called, "Rewards and Deals." Subway's website is demonstrating itself to be a company that helps the planet and keeps college students from spending too much money for lunch.

         Hungry Bear Deli has a website that…

Week 4 Part 2

              The two websites I use quite often include guitar center and etsy. These are both very effective for their demographic they are going for. Guitar center is a site for all musicians. I am a musician. When I open up the website and see pictures of all these shiny guitars and new drum gear it just draws me in more. Etsy does the exact same thing. For anyone who is interested in random little gifts or personalized items they probably get led to this website. Then they see all these pictures of cute products that just drags them in to spend money. The primary reason both of these are effective is because both websites put their best foot forward on the homepage.

            Both websites are also not a hassle. There are many colors and options of where to go but everything is easy to find. Both etsy and guitar center have a search bar at the top that allows you to see everything there is. On guitar center's website the search bar basicall…

Week 4 Part 1

The first website I looked at was Jami Lin's Passions. This website was very intense when I opened it up. There were many different colors. It definitely makes you have to blink when you open it up. All the colors of the words and tabs are different. All the shapes and sizes are different. It just looks very intense to start off with. The second issue I noticed with this website was that you have no idea what it is for. There are words that have nothing to do with each other next to each other. It is just a page with many random words on it all put together as if there is some common theme which there doesn't seem to be. Lastly, there is no uniformity to this website. If you press on a tab or a link to the next page it takes to you a place that looks like a completely different website. Something that could be improved is making the purpose of the website clear right at the beginning on the homepage. As of now it is just colorful and confusing with many different c…

Week 3 Part 2

Businesses and Their Use of Social Media

1.Guitar Center

Social media Platforms and Date of Latest Post : Facebook(09/4), Twitter(09/4), Youtube (08/28) and Instagram(09/4)

All these platforms post at very least weekly if not daily.

           Guitar Center is doing a great job of staying updated and relevant. As mentioned above all platforms post at the minimum of once a week. All the pictures look great and make me interested in seeing what's new. There are also a lot of posts that involve discounts going on which makes me even more tempted to go look at more on the website. Looking at the media I can see something new everyday on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then I can go to Youtube and see a video on how to use products and how they sound every week.

2. Studio West

Social media Platforms and Date of Latest Post : Facebook(08/27), Twitter(Sep. 12, 2018), Instagram (09/4) and You…

Week 3 Part 1

Sometimes in a consumer and business relationship there can be positive and negative experiences. 
          First there can be difficulties communicating to a business as a consumer. In my own experience I have been in a couple negative or simply inconvenient situations. One of those involved the process of trying to return something through amazon. I had been trying to buy a good snowboarding jacket from amazon and it's difficult to find the right one because you can't try it on and don't know how it feels. I ended up buying a jacket that was too thin for snow weather. Then ofcourse I decide to return it and use the money refunded to buy another one.  Then I had to fill out a return form and specify why I was returning it. At this point everything was working fine and I set up the jacket to return and returned it expecting to get a refund. Online it said I would get a refund when amazon recieves the jacket. I then recieved a notification saying that Amazon recieved th…

Week 2 Part 2

I commented on Luke Divinere, Angelina Draper and Hannah Cliff's posts on social media's uses.